Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mark Pitt rewarded for Outstanding Contributions to Mirror Sailing In Australia

Bill Jaffray Memorial Winner and Commodore Paul Terry

Like so many in the Mirror Class, Mark Pitt started out sailing with his children.  Nearly 20 years ago he ventured down to Nedlands Yacht Club with his then 8 year old daughter Caroline to try a Mirror.  He immediately joined Hillarys yacht Club and started competing in his first Mirror, Darkstar.  He sailed with each of his three children over the next 15 years both as skipper and crew.  They all sailed to a high level and Caroline was National Ladies Champion on two occasions.

He travelled to Ireland, South Africa and Tasmania for the World Championships and has also been involved in National Championships in Canberra, Queensland and Victoria.

Mark held the position of Dinghy Captain for many years at Hillarys and championed the Mirror at the club throughout that time as well as right through to the present when he drives the promotion of Mirrors at the club.

He has served the Mirror Class Association of WA for the majority of the time he has been involved in Mirrors holding a number of Committee positions but most notably those of Vice President and the demanding role of Editor of the association’s quarterly newsletter for some 15 years.  He has also coordinated our travellers series and email communications with members and filled in as Secretary when that position has been left vacant.

Long after his children have left the class Mark has continued to show great passion for, and devotion to, the Mirror.  He currently owns four or five Mirrors including his original boat Darkstarwhich he recently found badly neglected at a local club.  He willingly loans his boats to others to encourage them to take up Mirror sailing.

Mark has travelled to the US in the last 12 months in an effort to have them compete in the 2011 Worlds as well as encouraging them to grow the class there.  The participation of two teams from the Philippines in the current Worlds is directly due to Mark’s efforts.  He developed a relationship with a Filipino club and then secured sponsorship for them.

The foregoing only touches on Mark’s contribution to the Mirror over the last 2 decades and there is no sign of him slowing down.  

Mark Pitt is a most worthy recipient of the Bill Jaffray Memorial Trophy.

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